Given the current competitive marketplace and the pace at which wells are drilled, optimizing rig performance and minimizing nonproductive time in real-time is key in reducing operational costs. RigCLOUD gives you the context of real-time rig operations and provides all relevant data and visualizations in a single place to help you make quick, precise decisions on the fly.
Here are some of the Apps and Widgets powered by RigCLOUD to help you monitor well performance in real-time.

LiveOps App

LiveOps provides you with the status of all your wells in an intuitive and powerful tile layout. LiveOps powered by our real time rig-state algorithms track rig operational KPI’s such as: Effective ROP, planned trip vs actual time, on bottom time, drilling/tripping/casing speed, estimated time to bottom or surface and many more. Using real-time KPI’s, you can analyze current operational performance for all your wells at a glance or a customizable list of wells you’re interested in tracking.

Rig Operations

Rig Operations widgets automatically track drilling connections, tripping and casing speeds in real-time. You can compare KPI’s at the stand level for a multitude of time ranges: last 24 hours, last 2 days, last 7 days and entire well. You can customize the time range by using selection tools on the plot.

Well Comparison

Well Comparison enables drillers to compare real-time performance of current wells versus the offset wells at a similar depth. This comparison can help drillers stay on-target and equips them to anticipate upcoming parameters.

Days vs. Depth

Days vs Depth widget provides the comparison of drilling time versus depth against the well plan. This helps in tracking well progression against plan and can aid in the future well planning process.