KCF Predictive Maintenance Solution now available on RigCLOUD®

Equipment failures pose significant challenges in the oil and gas drilling industry, and can lead to unplanned downtime, increased operational costs and potential safety hazards.

Mud pumps for example – despite their integral role in circulating drilling fluid to maintain wellbore stability and facilitate the drilling process – commonly fail and are known to require significant resources to adequately repair, maintain or replace.

KCF Technologies, a leader in monitoring and diagnostic technologies, is demonstrating the prevalence of equipment failures can be managed through the implementation of preventive and predictive maintenance strategies and effective maintenance practices.

According to KCF, a customer recently decreased non-productive time related to mud pump failures by 74% in just five months. Early detection of issues allows operators to address potential failures before they lead to significant downtime or operational disruptions. And the insights gleaned from the data can be used to design and implement impactful standard operating procedures for maintenance and repair programs.

Improving Accessibility to Predictive Maintenance Tools

By integrating KCF’s solution into RigCLOUD, deploying and optimizing a predictive maintenance program is easier than ever before. KCF’s detailed machine health data becomes even more powerful when combined with the contextual well and rig data provided by RigCLOUD. This integration ensures that users have a comprehensive understanding of the condition and performance of their equipment.

KCF’s machine health data is made available through RigCLOUD. Users can also tap  Rigline 24/7™ service to receive professional service support to create collaborative digital workflows, training on the implementation of a predictive maintenance culture, and support for maintenance prioritization.

The joint technology offering enables remote monitoring of the rig’s critical equipment through a seamless cloud-based platform, wireless vibration sensors and the proprietary DART ™ wireless network protocol.

Advancing Predictive Maintenance, Together

RigCLOUD is now the exclusive provider of KCF Smartdiagnostics to oil and gas drilling contractors. Operating on about 175 rigs globally, RigCLOUD is available to any drilling contractor.

Making KCF solutions available on RigCLOUD is the first step. The players plan to work together to enhance predictive maintenance capabilities and make them widely available to the industry.